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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Network Intelligence and Sophisticated Design

Call Center Connection  offers an Intelligent Networking Design, with customized fields for specific information.  We're able to CONNECT companies and agents regarding specific requirements. skills, abilities.  We'll even suggest and recommend agents with similar preferences, experiences and goals as yourself.

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Forum Support

Post questions in the relevant section for the forum moderators to review your thread.


Email Support

Email support is strictly dedicated to account and pre-sales questions.


Premier Support

Provides a one-on-one incident management system with a 2 hour response time.


Available Preset Styles

Ten style variations are available, each with a unique graphical theme such as Sport.


Powerful Menu Options

Choose between the javascript-enhanced CSS dropdown Fusion Menu or SplitMenu.


Integrated Extensions

A selection of integrated styles for several RocketTheme Extensions, e.g. RokGallery.


Rich Design

RokGallery is an advanced gallery extension, resting on a custom tag based architecture with a non-destructive slice editor to allow you edit photos easily and swiftly.

Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources

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International and BiLingual Opportunities

Most jobs cover the USA, Canada and the UK.  However, many BPOs hire internationally.  Click here for targeted companies and positions