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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Network Intelligence and Sophisticated Design

Call Center Connection  offers an Intelligent Networking Design, with customized fields for specific information.  We're able to CONNECT companies and agents regarding specific requirements. skills, abilities.  We'll even suggest and recommend agents with similar preferences, experiences and goals as yourself.

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Forum Support

Post questions in the relevant section for the forum moderators to review your thread.


Email Support

Email support is strictly dedicated to account and pre-sales questions.


Premier Support

Provides a one-on-one incident management system with a 2 hour response time.


Available Preset Styles

Ten style variations are available, each with a unique graphical theme such as Sport.


Powerful Menu Options

Choose between the javascript-enhanced CSS dropdown Fusion Menu or SplitMenu.


Integrated Extensions

A selection of integrated styles for several RocketTheme Extensions, e.g. RokGallery.


Rich Design

Schedules and Shift Selections

There are pros and cons to any and every schedule.  Part-time versus full-time status, day vs. night shifts, holidays, vacation and family activities, and how easy or hard is it to make a change.  All of the choices are yours and theirs together. 


Their Reasoning:  It’s a fine art to having the right number of agents, at the right times, to answer an accurately forecasted volume of incoming calls at the service level standard set by the call center. 

 Your Reasoning:   Set a tone of permanence and stability for you, your new position and your family!   Work, work and more work is never recommended.  But you MUST consider your options wisely!  In addition to work, who and what other activities are important to consider when selecting a schedule.

Part –time Status:

1.        Flexibility

2.       opportunity to select extra hours when needed

3.       opportunity to be available for home activities

4.       flexibility to switch hours with coworkers or in different schedules for emergencies

a.       different company call this activity of exchanging hours different  by titles

                                                               i.      etop or convenience leave

Selecting shifts days and hours considerations:

1.       As a family group unit, decide which hours are important for family activities, then said you'll your work hours around activities that make you a happy and sociable person.

2.       Be aware of all national holidays which means young school aged children most likely will be home needing adult supervision

3.       Split-shifts offer a lot of flexibility for full time agents.  You usually are scheduled to do some home / family / personal / social event in between a work shift, but don’t forget to schedule some rest, like, sleep!

Full-time status:

1.       Financial and medical benefits are the top two reasons that will message eight necessitate a maximum number of hours to be eligible for the benefits.  Determine the minimum amount of hours and then proceed with selecting the best possible shift

2.       Don’t forget, that companies offer split-shift options!  That way, you can still take a trip to the grocery store, cook for the family and take a few late hours (instead of watching the Late Shows).

a.       Cause and Effect:  I like morning hours!  The customers are not as many and not as hostile.  Or, if you’re paid by the minutes on a call, than you want to select a busier time to capitalize.

Shift Bidding:

1.       The opportunity, the methods, criteria and selection process varies from company to company and can change at any given notice, sometimes as quick as 24 hours. 

2.       Some agents receive pre-selection times that are based on performance; So, in sales call centers, the better your metrics are, the better hours you get to select and the availability of those hours.  For example, if you are permitted to selected 30 hours, but there are only 15, that suits your personal time availability, then you might be lacking in your check.  So, it’s your own personal incentive to be successful!

a.       This could work to your advantage if you needed to take some days off without being penalized!

Calling Off

Final Word: 

All decisions are driven by customer’s demand of the services at any given time.  For example, if you work for a national flower company, you can expect to work during the traditional Hallmark holidays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween agent and a man.  You can expect not to have “down time” to spend with your own family.  You can expect to be able to make changes with other co-workers or take a hit in your attendance metrics!

View the List of Holidays:  What days do they fall?  Do you see a pattern?  What are you willing to sacrifice?  What are your goals?  What do you want to gain?  Here’s a List of February Holidays!  For a complete list of annual holidays, download FREE Holiday file!

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International and BiLingual Opportunities

Most jobs cover the USA, Canada and the UK.  However, many BPOs hire internationally.  Click here for targeted companies and positions